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Did you know?
More than 100 young leaders have graduated from the Youth Now program.
Each year, over 100 non-profit professionals attend our training opportunities.
Over two dozen non-profit organizations have participated in the Youth Now program.
The CCRR provides nearly 400 child care referrals per year.
On average, the CCRR hosts 30 workshops and training courses each year.
Every year, over 500 child care providers and parents attend CCRR training opportunities.
Every year, RCRG completes over 3,000 grocery orders for local seniors.
Nearly 300 seniors make use of our Better at Home services.
Our volunteer drivers complete more than 1,200 trips annually.
At least 350 people per year find a volunteer position using our Volunteer Match program.
Close to 500 volunteers support RCRG’s programs and services.
Volunteers contribute nearly 23,000 hours to our organization each year.
Each holiday season, the Richmond Christmas Fund helps more than 2,200 low-income residents.
Every year, the Christmas Fund provides over 600 children with toys, books, and sports equipment.
The Richmond Christmas Fund was first started by Ethel Tibbits, in the 1930s.
The number of Neighbourhood Small Grants we’ve awarded has increased every year since 2014.
Block parties are the most popular type of Neighbourhood Small Grant project.
Every year, the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre serves over 7,300 local women.
The Richmond Women’s Resource Centre currently offers 16 programs and services.
Nearly 60 volunteers support the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre, contributing nearly 2,500 hours per year.
Richmond is home to over 350 registered charities, all of which rely on volunteer support.
There are nearly 13 million volunteers across Canada.
International Volunteer Day is celebrated throughout the world on December 5.
There are 35 volunteer centres in British Columbia.
In 2016, the Foundation awarded 10 grants to non-profit organizations, worth a combined $59,000.
The Foundation manages $6 million in 60 Forever Funds, returning, on average, CPI plus 4%.
Between 2020 and 2022, the Foundation distributed $656,000 in grants, scholarships, charitable disbursements, and Emergency Community Support Funds.
Foundation activities result in the enhancement of our community and residents’ sense of belonging.
ROCA has raised over $21,000 for local charities.
ROCA has performed its Elementary School Concert Series to over 8,000 students.
ROCA provides mentoring and life changing opportunities for aspiring musicians.
The Richmond Arts Coalition was founded in November of 2005.
RAC co-produces the ArtRich exhibition every two years!
RAC highlights Richmond's arts events in a monthly email.
The Richmond Music School is the oldest not-for-profit music school in Richmond.
The Richmond Music School offers affordable music lessons through its diverse programming.
Our students performed 40 hours of music to welcome the Olympic athletes to the 2010 Olympic Games.

2018 Christmas Fund Giving Gallery

Showcasing Our Community's Generosity

Every donation makes a difference - every toy, every book, every dollar. Just as important, though, are the people behind the donations. They're the ones, after all, who make the choice to give, and to whom we can offer thanks. The Christmas Fund receives support from individuals and families, businesses and community groups, schools and sports teams and churches. This gallery is dedicated to all of them, and their many acts of kindness. 

RHN Chartered Professional Accountants are the latest participants in the 2018 Dream Project, a fundraising campaign in which local entrepreneurs come together to support the Christmas Fund. While this is the first time RHN has contributed to the Dream Project, their history with the Christmas Fund goes way back. They've been giving to the program since 2008, with this year's $500 donation pushing their overall contribution to nearly $3,000!

2018 Innovation Networks
For Christmas Fund families, one item that is often well beyond financial reach is a home computer. That's where Innovation Networks comes in. Each year, they donate a set of refurbished computers, including keyboards, mice, and monitors. It's a gift that has a huge impact, and opens up a world of possibilities. Having a computer makes it so much easier for kids to complete their homework, and for parents to access employment and educational resources. There are countless other examples of how computers can, quite literally, change lives. Innovation Networks, then, is doing much more than brightening the holidays for families in need. They're providing a gift that will lead to a brighter future.

2018 Estella Banez
Meet Estella. She and her brother, Lazarus, raised $200 for the Christmas Fund this year, selling greeting cards and jewelry that they designed themselves. Credit also goes to their amazing mom, Kaye. Her children's book, See Yah in the Morning!, is not only a great read; it's also great for the community. Partial proceeds from every sale benefit local charities, from the Christmas Fund to the Canucks Autism Network. Clearly, kindness, generosity, and the spirit of giving run in the family!

2018 Volunteers
In 2018, 142 people - of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all abilities - volunteered with the Richmond Christmas Fund. They gave their time - thousands of hours in all - as gift wrappers, toy sorters, registration assistants, drivers, and more, so that 2,400 of our neighbours in need could have a joyful holiday celebration. They're the heart and soul of the Christmas Fund, and their contributions are truly immeasurable. To each and every one of them, we offer a sincere, heartfelt thank you. Our gratitude, though, goes far beyond words.

2018 Sage
One of our final toy donations this year was also one of the biggest. Sage stopped by our office just in the nick of time, on the Friday before the last day of Christmas Fund registration. They brought with them a wonderful selection of gifts, which were in the Toy Room for less than 24 hours before being distributed to kids in need. Don't get us wrong: we're totally cool with Sage cutting it close. They're taking after Santa himself, who, after all, waits until Christmas Eve to deliver his toys. And like Santa, Sage knows a thing or two about making holiday wishes come true!

2018 Mark & Tsang
This year, for the first time, accounting firm Mark & Tsang participated in the Dream Project, a fundraising campaign through which local entrepreneurs support the Christmas Fund. The firm jumped in headfirst, making an incredibly generous $500 donation! The Christmas Fund is lucky to have many longtime supporters, some of whom have been giving for well over a decade. That being said, it's always cause for celebration - and much gratitude - when new donors get behind our cause. We warmly welcome Mark & Tsang to the Christmas Fund's growing family of supporters! 

2018 Honda Canada
Christmas Fund donations take many forms - toys, books, cash, household items. Rarely, however, do all of these things come at once. Leave it to Honda Canada to break the mould! Not only did they make a $300 cash donation, they also brought in bags and bags full of gifts - everything from colouring books, to shampoo, to Kleenex, to towels and blankets. All of it's brand new, and it will all make Christmas Fund families incredibly happy. We like to think of it as a smorgasbord of generosity!

2018 Coast Capital Savings
Few companies are as community-minded as Coast Capital Savings. They've been supporting RCRG for well over a decade, as the major sponsor of our Leadership Richmond - Youth Now program. This year, they decided to extend their generosity to the Christmas Fund, stopping by our office to make a $1,000 donation. When big companies like Coast give back to the community, it creates a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow suit. Coast has always been a leader in community engagement, and we're proud to call them a partner.

2018 Bill McNulty
During the holiday season, elected representatives from all levels of government play a big role in raising awareness about the Christmas Fund. They attend Christmas Fund events, speak about the program to their constituents, and - like Councillor Bill McNulty - even visit the Toy Room. While of different political persuasions, they all understand the importance of helping our neighbours in need. We appreciate them rallying around our cause, and are truly grateful for their support.

2018 SmartCentres
SmartCentres has been supporting the Christmas Fund since 2013, with donations totalling $14,500, including $1,500 this year. Staff members are also regular volunteers at our Windows of Hope fundraiser, where they paint holiday scenes on the windows of car dealerships at the Richmond Auto Mall. Led by Mike Gilman, the team at SmartCentres is by no means huge, but that hasn't stopped them from making a big difference in their community!

2018 CIFFA
Since 2014, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) has organized an annual toy drive for the Christmas Fund. As you can see, the items collected are pretty incredible. Just take a look at that rocking horse! We always like to learn about our donors - what their organization or company does - and we admit, we weren't fully aware of what freight forwarding entails. As it turns out, it's all about getting goods to the right place, at the right time, in good order and condition. Well, for five years now, CIFFA has been delivering toys to kids in need as well as - if not better than - Santa himself. Clearly, they're very good at what they do.

2018 Fraserview Church
Given that they weren't kids too long ago, teenagers know a thing or two about toys - which ones are popular, which ones have staying power, and importantly, which ones will make awesome Christmas gifts. It makes sense, then, that some of the Christmas Fund's biggest and best toy drives have been organized by youth who want to make a difference in their community. That was definitely the case this year, when 140 teenagers from Fraserview Church collected over 75 amazing toys and over 800 personal hygiene products, from toothpaste and toothbrushes to shaving kits. It was an absolutely massive donation, equal parts generous and thoughtful. While the toys went to kids in need, the hygiene products went to individuals and families, including seniors and refugees. Everyone, of every age, deserves to share in the magic of the holiday season. Kudos to these inspiring teens for helping to make that possible.

2018 Realtor Challenge
The Realtor Challenge has a special place in Christmas Fund history, being one of the program's longest-running and most successful fundraising campaigns. Started by Patti Martin in 2011, it's raised well over $80,000, including $12,100 this year. Many Realtors have been giving since the very beginning, while every year, new ones step up to offer their support. RE/MAX Westcoast, Macdonald Realty Westmar, and Sutton Group - Seafair Realty have been among the campaign's biggest contributors, and in total, more than 100 individual Realtors have taken part. It's a wonderful story of colleagues coming together to support a cause they all believe in.  

2018 Sirota's Alchymy
For the third year in a row, Sirota's Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre provided the Christmas Fund with a unique and wonderful gift. Master Michael Sirota donated 20 six-month scholarships to his centre, each valued at $1,000. The scholarships are for children aged 6 to 12, and include a uniform. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Michael, whose love of community is genuine and sincere. Because of his generosity, kids in need get to participate in an activity that builds self-esteem and teaches positive life skills. It's a gift whose impact extends far beyond the holiday season!

2018 CTG Brands
Sometimes, we know about donations days, even months in advance. Other times, they come completely out of the blue. That was the case this year with CTG Brands Inc. Like Santa touching down on a rooftop, CTG arrived at the Christmas Fund Toy Room with several boxes full of donations. It's the kind of surprise that never gets old, and always puts us in the holiday spirit. Here's to unexpected generosity! 

2018 Betty
The Christmas Fund has a way of bringing people together! One day, Betty, on the left, contacted us about making a toy donation. More specifically, she e-mailed Margaret, at our front desk. (That's her on the right.) Over the course of their e-mail conversation, they realized that Betty had taught Margaret's two daughters. Margaret and Betty had lost contact in recent years, so when the latter came to make her donation - a very generous one, we might add - it was an opportunity for her and Margaret to re-connect. We're so glad we were able to capture the reunion on camera!

2018 O'Hare's GastroPub
When we finally get around to building the Christmas Fund Hall of Fame, Grant and Erinn Bryan, of O'Hare's GastroPub & Liquor Store, will be among the first inductees. Since 2014, they've been putting on one of the best community events around: Steveston Beer Fest. It also happens to be one of the Christmas Fund's biggest fundraisers, generating $51,000 in five years, including $10,000 in 2018. Another highlight of this year's event was the 50/50 draw, of which the Christmas Fund normally receives half the proceeds. That would have been $1,620, except the winner, David Wright, decided to donate his portion. All of it - every last dollar! As a result, the Christmas Fund received $3,240, on top of the $10,000 already raised. Those are Hall of Fame numbers, to be sure. They're also reason to be incredibly grateful to two amazing community leaders, and a gentleman whose spontaneous act of generosity epitomizes Richmond's giving spirit!

2018 Shoppers Drug Mart
For the second year in a row, Richmond's Shoppers Drug Mart stores came together to make a joint donation to the Christmas Fund. They prepared some truly spectacular makeup and cosmetic bags, which we've earmarked for teen girls and single moms. Donations like this make a big difference, because they allow us to provide a little extra support to groups that sometimes get overlooked during the holiday season. Certainly, teens are in that category. A huge thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for helping to make the Christmas Fund a more inclusive program - one that makes holiday wishes come true for people of all ages.

2018 Granby Group of Companies
Since 2006, the Granby Group of Companies has donated $56,150 to the Christmas Fund, including $5,400 this year. It perhaps goes without saying that they're one of our single largest donors, but it's important that we do say it, because Granby shies away from the spotlight. They quietly raise the money at their annual Christmas dinner, and just as quietly drop off their donation. Only in recent years have we been able to convince them to take a photo with the Christmas Fund novelty cheque! For Granby, giving back is its own reward, and we're beyond grateful for their many years of support.

2018 Ideon Packaging
When it comes to transporting toys, the first vehicle you think of is probably Santa's sleigh. And yeah, it would be near the top of our list too. But in the number one position is Ideon Packaging's black truck. It used to show up every year at the Christmas Fund Drive-Thru Event, and this year, joined us at River Rock for Giving Tuesday. We always wait in anticipation for the back door to roll up, and while we know what's inside - bags and bags full of amazing new toys - we're still blown away by the sheer generosity of the donation. It comes via Ideon's 4 the Kids program, which empowers the company's employees to give back to the community and support causes they care about. We're so grateful that one of those causes is the Christmas Fund.

2018 Richmond Fire-Rescue
For many years, Richmond Fire-Rescue have been a fixture at Christmas Fund events. Often, they bring their ladder truck with them, which always attracts a crowd. This includes the Christmas Fund Santa, who can never resist climbing the ladder for a photo op! Firefighters are also amazing volunteers, helping to carry bags and boxes of toys that would hobble even Santa's strongest elves. Oh, and speaking of toys, Richmond Fire-Rescue are known to donate quite a few themselves! Given their busy schedule, we're truly grateful they make time for the Christmas Fund. We look forward to their involvement every year!

2018 Banh Mi Tres Bon
In a foodie-paradise like Richmond, blessed with countless cuisines and dining options, it can be difficult for a restaurant - particularly a small, unassuming one - to stand out. Well, unless you're Banh Mi Tres Bon. Located next to Walmart, this tiny establishment has quickly and deservedly earned a reputation as one of the city's premier Vietnamese restaurants. (For our money, it's the absolute best.) And while we could go on and on about Banh Mi Tres Bon's culinary brilliance, their contributions to the community are equally noteworthy. This year, for example, they donated $765 to the Christmas Fund, following a $500 donation in 2017. They may be a small business, but they have a big heart. Here's hoping they'll be part of our community for a long time to come.

2018 Pacific Gateway Hotel
We enjoy a tremendous relationship with Pacific Gateway Hotel (PGH). Throughout the year, they're RCRG's Venue Partner, hosting events like the Volunteers Are Stars Awards, and providing food and refreshments for both our Annual General Meeting and the Day of Caring, at The Sharing Farm. During the holiday season, though, they take things to another level. This year, PGH was one of the lead sponsors of A Not So Silent Night, a new Christmas Fund event that raised nearly $65,000! Along with donating auction items, PGH provided a mouth-watering spread of appetizers and desserts - not to mention chefs and wait staff to serve everything! This truly generous in-kind donation was worth at least $15,000, and was an absolutely essential ingredient to the event's success. They may welcome visitors from around the world, but PGH is equally focused on building a stronger, healthier, more inclusive community right here in Richmond.

2018 Dream Project
Organized by Richard Vetter and his team at WealthSmart Incorporated, the Dream Project is an annual fundraising campaign in support of the Christmas Fund. The donors are all local entrepreneurs who each give $500 or more, so they can help struggling families during the holiday season. This year, the campaign generated $10,000, which, of course, is absolutely awesome! And while the money makes a huge difference, what we truly love about the Dream Project is that it's built around hope - the idea that, if a family in need can enjoy a holiday celebration, it can be a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Everyone deserves to share in the magic of the holidays. More than that, though, everyone deserves to dream.

2018 Dorset Realty Group
Ron Schuss and his team at Dorset Realty Group have been quietly supporting the Christmas Fund for over a decade. This year, they made their single largest donation ever - $2,000 - pushing their overall total to nearly $12,000! We've been running the Christmas Fund for nearly 20 years, and it's been part of the community for the better part of a century. The program has such remarkable staying power because of donors like Dorset, who give year after year because they believe that every family, regardless of income, deserves to share in the holiday spirit.

2018 Rubina Hope for Kids
Each of the past two years, Rubina Hope for Kids has donated $5,000 to support the Christmas Fund's annual Skate with Santa, at Minoru Arenas. The event gives Christmas Fund families an opportunity to skate for free at Minoru's Winter Wonderland, and to take photos with Jolly Old St. Nick. Children are also treated to popcorn and hot chocolate, and receive a goody bag when they leave. Rubina Hope for Kids was created to honour the life of Rubina Wong, who, in 2004, died in the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia. The Christmas Fund is just one of many causes the organization supports. Thanks to the passion, love, and dedication of her family and friends, Rubina's memory is as strong as ever, and so is her impact on the community.

2018 Richmond FC
On November 24, Richmond FC organized a toy drive in support of the Christmas Fund. Players, parents, and coaches all got involved and, as you can see from the photo, the event was a spectacular success! A special shout out to Soccerlink for donating two dozen brand new soccer balls - the perfect gift for the budding Davies and Sinclairs who pass through the Christmas Fund Toy Room! The event also raised nearly $400, which will go towards the purchase of grocery gift cards for low-income families. We love it when team spirit combines with community spirit, particularly when it benefits our neighbours in need!

2018 WealthSmart Incorporated
The Christmas Fund's tagline is Community Is Like Family. It's fitting, then, that one of our biggest supporters over the past few years has been WealthSmart Incorporated, a family-run business in the heart of Steveston. When they're not offering financial planning services, Richard Vetter, his wife Zinha, and their sons Peter and Matthew are busy giving back to the community. This year, they donated $500 to the Christmas Fund, and have given more than $3,000 overall. The Vetter family also organizes the Dream Project fundraising campaign, encouraging local entrepreneurs to follow WealthSmart's lead, and support the Christmas Fund as well. The campaign keeps growing, to the point where it now raises $10,000 each year. Clearly, WealthSmart is a major Christmas Fund supporter, but we like to think of them as family.

2018 Lauren Financial
Lisa Wong, of Lauren Financial Corp, is a longtime Christmas Fund supporter, and past RCRG board member. Over the years, she's donated close to $3,000, including $1,000 in 2018, as part of the Dream Project. She's also a fixture at Windows of Hope, volunteering every year to paint holiday scenes on the windows of car dealerships, and in the process, raising more money for the Christmas Fund. Lisa's a community leader through and through, with a positive attitude and generosity of spirit that inspires us. We're truly grateful for her support.  

2018 Richmond Public Library
For the past three years - including 2018 - the Christmas Fund has received a $3,000 grant from Canada Gives. The money has a very specific purpose: to purchase new children's books for the Christmas Fund library, so we can distribute at least one to every child we serve. We want to make sure we get the best books possible - a mixture of classics and the year's most popular titles - so we reach out to our friends at the Richmond Public Library. Not only do they provide a list of suggested titles; they also allow us to purchase the books through their supplier, at a considerable discount. As a result, the grant goes that much further, and the Christmas Fund library is stocked with a selection of children and young adult titles that rivals any bookstore (including Amazon!). A huge thank you to the Richmond Public Library for helping us promote early literacy, one Christmas gift at a time!

2018 TD Bank Group
TD Bank Group's $5,000 donation was already a major boost for the Christmas Fund. But the company's generosity didn't end there. The day before this photo was taken, dozens of TD employees went on a shopping spree at Toys R Us, spending thousands of dollars on some of the coolest Christmas gifts a kid could ever want. Every single one was donated to the Christmas Fund, and will end up under a lucky child's tree this holiday season. In our experience, TD and its employees are always ready and willing to give back to the community. We thank them for going above and beyond year after year. 

2018 Windows of Hope
On November 21, the Richmond Auto Mall hosted the 15th edition of Windows of Hope, the Richmond Christmas Fund's longest-running, and most successful, fundraising event. Nearly 300 volunteers from local businesses, schools, and community groups came out to paint holiday scenes on the windows of car dealerships. The dealerships, in turn, will each make a donation to the Christmas Fund. Auto Mall suppliers and sponsors will offer their support as well, leading to an overall donation north of $36,000! It's an incredible event that, over the years, has generated close to $300,000 for families in need. 

Broadmoor Neighbourhood Association
Last year, the Broadmoor Neighbourhood Association made a big splash, when they arrived at the Richmond RCMP Toy Drive & Pancake Breakfast with a $3,210 donation for the Christmas Fund. What would they do for an encore? Oh, you know, nothing much - except more than DOUBLE their contribution! This year, at the same event, they delivered a cheque for $6,541.50, which will surely be one of the single largest Christmas Fund donations of 2018! The name alone speaks volumes: the Broadmoor Neighbourhood Association. Clearly, they know that being a good neighbour means helping those in need. A fine example for all of us to follow.

2018 Richmond RCMP Toy Drive
The story goes, the Richmond RCMP first heard about the Christmas Fund when, during a routine traffic stop, they pulled over a man in red riding a sleigh. The lead reindeer pulling the sleigh - there were eight in all - had something wrong with his nose. It was supposed to be bright red, to help guide the sleigh, but it had stopped glowing. Well, the RCMP just so happened to have an extra bulb, and just like that, the reindeer's nose was shining again. The man in red was hugely thankful, and mentioned that he was delivering toys to boys and girls across Richmond. If the RCMP wanted to help, they could organize an annual toy drive, and donate those toys to the Christmas Fund, so they'd go to children in need. For the past four years, the RCMP has been doing just that. While we can't confirm the accuracy of the story, we can say that the 2018 Richmond RCMP Toy Drive & Pancake Breakfast, held November 17, was the most successful yet, with generous donors filling multiple squad cars full of toys. On top of that, the event raised almost $10,000! Whether a chance meeting with Santa compelled them to do it, or, much more likely, the Richmond RCMP are simply cops who care deeply about their community, the Toy Drive is a highlight of the Christmas Fund season, and we're beyond grateful for the support.

Richmond Potters' Club
The cool thing about running the Christmas Fund - well, one of many cool things - is that we never know who's going to come through our door and make a donation. This year, for example, the Richmond Potters' Club paid us a visit, and brought with them 25 stunning handmade mugs. Each one, quite literally, is a work of art! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for Christmas Fund families!

River Rock Casino Resort
The team at River Rock Casino Resort helped kick off the holiday giving season when they dropped by our office on October 9. Their $1,000 donation to the Christmas Fund was incredibly generous, but certainly not out of character. The company is a longtime supporter of the Christmas Fund, and we're beyond grateful for their continued commitment to our cause.