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What’s the difference between a Basic Account and Enhanced Account? In terms of functionality, they’re pretty much identical. Signing up for either one will allow you to apply for volunteer positions, make donations, and take full advantage of all the RCRG site has to offer.

With an Enhanced Account, however, you’ll also receive discounts on RCRG workshops, training courses, and special events. Indeed, if you’re a non-profit professional looking to hone your skills in volunteer management, fund development, or program evaluation (to name just a few of the topics we cover), an Enhanced Account is a great investment. Chances are, it will pay for itself several times over.

For more details on the benefits of an Enhanced Account, click here. Or, if you’ve heard all you need to hear, you can sign up below.

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An RCRG account makes it easy to support local causes and organizations. After signing up, you can:

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• Contribute to Richmond Community Foundation forever funds
• Register for non-profit workshops and training courses, including webinars
• Apply for Richmond Community Foundation scholarships

An RCRG account is completely free, but that’s not the best part. The best part is that, every time you log in, you’ll be making a difference in your community.

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