Grant Application Requirements

Should you be invited to submit an application form, two (2) copies of the following will be required:

  1. A brief description of the organization’s history, objectives, activities, target population, and geographical area of operation
  2. A summary of the project and the purpose of the request, with an explanation of the need, anticipated benefits, method of measuring results, evidence of co-operation/partnership with other organizations, timetables, project key personnel, specific components of initiative to be funded by grant, total project cost and specific amount requested from the Richmond Community Foundation, other sources of funding received/pending for the project/program, plans for future funding (if it is to be ongoing)
  3. A copy of the Board resolution approving the request with two (2) signatures of authorized directors of the organization, and one copy of the following:
    1. A list of current Directors and Senior Operating Officer, with contact information (addresses and telephone numbers)
    2. A copy of the up-to-date filed financial records signed by two (2) officers of the organization
    3. A copy of the organization’s Canada Revenue Agency documents confirming status as a registered charity, plus a copy of the incorporation documents